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Hair Extensions

How long does the hair last for?

Our hair lasts between 6-12 months if correct care and maintenance procedures are followed. Most of our clients get about 9-12 months use. For more information please read ‘Ultimate Hair Extension Care Guide’

What brand of hair do you use?

We use our very own developed brand Harlow & Haze! We have taken years perfecting our tape wefts to be incredibly long lasting, gentle and strong! We also use the amazing Jadore Hair Extensions here in the salon and we believe they are just amazing.

What length does your hair come?

Our hair is 22” long which means clients can be more flexible! Most salons ONLY sell 18”-20” extensions which limits the clients choice! We will always cut them to whatever length you desire.

How often do I need to have my extensions re-applied?

Tape wefts need re-tapes every 6-8 weeks

Sew-in wefts need move ups every 5-8 weeks

Micro/nano beads need move ups every 8-10 weeks

Can I straighten and blow-dry my hair extensions?

Yes! You can treat them as if they were your own, keeping in mind that the more heat used on them, the lower the life span. Heat causes the moisture to evaporate which may leave them dry so make sure you use a high quality thermal spray (recommend: Muk Hair Care Thermal Spray)

What does Remy mean?

Remy (or Remi) is a term used when the hair has been cut from the donor in a manner that keeps the hair alignment intact making for smooth hair. The cuticles are all running the same way which means FAR less chance of matting and more hair harmony! Non-remy hair is when the cuticles.

Are they double drawn? And what does this mean?

Yes they are double drawn! When extensions are double drawn the short hairs in the pony tail have been removed leaving only the long hairs. This means the hair at the ends of the extensions are thick and fuller – you won’t need as many piece in!

Are they hard to maintain? Can I swim in them?

They are actually quite easy to care for! Your daily routine won’t be much different and as long as you follow the correct care and maintenance procedure, it will become second nature quite quickly. Yes you can swim in them! Moroccan oil needs to be applied before and after swimming.

Can I dye them?

Yes you can but nothing stronger than a semi-permanent. This still may lower the life span of your extensions. Bleaching is not to be used on extensions! So just remember to only dye DARKER not lighter.

Why are your extensions so affordable for such amazing quality?

We know our hair is worth more and yet we choose to sell them for an affordable price as we believe so much in our hair that we know our clients will be reusing that same hair for a very long time. We keep the prices low so we get loyal clients!

If I still cannot afford these prices, do you offer a payment plan?

YES! We offer Zippay & Afterpay! There is a 5% surcharge to do these payment plans.