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Caring for hair extensions requires specialized attention, and at Tree House Salon, we offer a solution with our Extension Hair Care Products. Our eco-friendly range, featuring paraben and sulphate free items, is designed not just to clean but to nourish and protect both your extensions and natural hair.

Extensions are prone to damage without proper care. Our gentle shampoos and conditioners, free from harsh chemicals, safeguard your hair while minimizing scalp irritation. To prevent tangling and matting, essential for extension longevity, we provide specially designed brushes and combs for easy, stress-free detangling.

Hydration is key to maintaining the luster of your extensions. Our hydrating masks and leave-in treatments ensure deep, lasting moisture, keeping your extensions vibrant and healthy. By choosing our products, you’re embracing a holistic approach to hair care, prioritising the health of your hair extensions, your natural hair, and the environment.

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