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We want you!

Are you after a successful career in the hair and beauty industry?

Are you in search for a salon who offers a lot of support without high intensity pressure that we see in so many salons?

We help stylists grow successful clientele within our brand and support them to live with clarity and purpose; through mastering their technical & creative skills as well as clientele-building strategies. 

Our team members smash earning goals, create inspiring careers, all whilst enjoying a healthy work/life balance.

Our belief is that every single one of us has the ability to achieve incredible things, and life is too short to waste the opportunity to live your dream life.

  • You are looking for a place to call home and build a career toward mastering your craft and working with hair extensions. 
  • You are looking for the potential to earn extra commissions and bonuses even as an apprentice and know it takes working smarter, not harder to be successful in this business.
  • You are looking for somewhere that will lead you toward success in this industry
  • You love looking after clients and serving late 20s/early 30s, trendy and, practical people. 
  •  You want to hit the ground running, get your hands on some hair – fast! 
    • A: We offer Tree House Academy Training on allocated days where you can work on clients!
    • B: You are willing to come to unpaid staff education days as a “privilege you’ve earned” 
  •  You want to work with a respectful, passionate and dedicated team… We work hard and smart in a relaxed, chilled and private salon environment. 
  •  You are looking for a career, not just another salon… You want and desire the opportunity for personal growth and training opportunities, especially mastering hair extensions.
  • You want to assist skilled stylists during colour services so you can learn quicker and to be a support person who is VALUED – also did we mention our Christmas party is amazing every year?
  •  You want to get stuck in and get to work- we have a full time position available!

We have a 4 stage hiring process:

1: Interview

2: Spend a day!

3: 3 month trial period

4: Let’s start your career!

Tree House Salon is a fun, chilled, sustainable and private salon. (By appointment only)

Our mission is to become the best unique concept salon on the coast and attract team members to grow beyond a typical senior stylist towards an amazing, rewarding career with hard work, dedication and passion.